Rob V: 2020 MLB PLAYOFF GAME OF THE YEAR with 100% System
(MLB) LA Dodgers vs. Atlanta, 10/14/2020 6:05 PM, Score: 15 - 3
Money Line: -184.00 LA Dodgers (Away)
Bookmaker: PinnacleSports
Result: Win
The MLB Top play is on the LA. Dodgers at 6:05 eastern. LA fits a perfect system that plays on October favorites off a 1 run favored loss and scored 5+ runs vs an opponent off a 1 run dog win also coring 5+ runs with both teams getting 10+ hits. LA also fits another system that is 12-3 since 2004 pertaining to teams in the 2nd game or later of a series that lost despite scoring 4 runs in the 9th inning. The Braves have never faced Urias who is a hard throwing lefty and he could give the Braves a tough time here a they have not faced a lefty starter since mid September. The Dodgers are 5-1 in game 3 if trailing a series 2-0. Look for the Dodgers to get one back.