Stephen Nover's NBA Monday Big Casher
(NBA) Washington vs. Philadelphia, 11/06/2023 7:00 PM, Score: 128 - 146
Point Spread: 11.50 | -107.00 Washington (Away)
Result: Loss
The Wizards are a tough team to get behind with their lack of defense. But this is a good spot for them.

The 76ers are fat and happy having four in a row, the last three coming at home. They just had a satisfying win against the Suns this past Saturday.

Up next for the 76ers is arch-rival Boston. The 76ers host the unbeaten Celtics on Wednesday. That's the game they are pointing to. It could mean fewer minutes for Joel Embiid in tonight's game.

The Wizards haven't played since Friday. After beating the Grizzlies at home, the Wizards have lost three in a row. They are frustrated. This is an important game for them. Washington ranks in the top-12 in scoring and shooting percentage.